Dear customers:

Given the huge avalanche that we are receiving on hydroalcoholic gel and the great difficulties that exist in finding containers in stock, we have decided to offer:

Hydroalcoholic sanitizing gel with 4-in-1 action (available for third parties or with our Beltranex brand) (you can see it here,

So, please write to indicating if you are interested in the options above or in future formats, so we can contact you when we have them.



  • Deep Cleasing
  • Moisturizing effect
  • Non-drying, non-irritating
  • Safe for any age group
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Naturally derived
  • Leave on formula
  • Dertamotologically Tested

Hydroalcoholic Gel

Dual impact hand cleanser moisturizer

This high impact hand sanitizer/cleanser serves a dual function. It effectively removes dirt and microbes and deeply moisturizes the hands without causing irritation and dryness that is a common feature of conventional hand sanitizers in the market. Our dual impact hand cleanser/sanitizer is an essential tool in maintaining clean and soft hands without having to deal with the harsh side effects of traditional sanitizers. Enriched with heavy hitting scientifically proven microbe and virus fighting ingredients, the Dual Impact Cleanser is definitely something no one should be without, especially in this time and age. It is safe enough for children and the elderly and has an extremely safe ingredient panel. This is the next step in hand hygiene cosmetic products that clean and soften.

Key Benefits

  • Deep cleansing of hands
  • Barrier restoring and moisturizing effects
  • Alleviating dryness
  • Dermatologist developed
  • Non-drying, non-irritating
  • Safe for any age group
  • Naturally derived
  • Safe for sensitive skin


  • Apply generously to hands every time you are in contact with objects that are exposed to general public
  • Use at home every time you use the bathroom and before and after food preparation
  • Use before and when visiting the nursery, schools, nursing homes and any public places
  • Use before and after and throughout when using public transport
  • Clean your make-up and grooming devices
  • Use after house-cleaning duties
  • Keep this sanitizer in every part of your house, in your car and in your purse


At OEM SPAIN (Division of Laboratorio Español de Investigación Cosmetológica) we adapt ourselves to every brand’s needs to offer them OEM Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturing. Large or small, traditional or startup, our target is to be able to supply them products with their own Brand exactly as they wish, with the best quality and Price.

Above, everything, each and everyone of our services stands with compromise to UNE EN ISO 22716:2008 of Good Manufacturing practices through our exclusive SAFE 22716 protocol.

OEM SPAIN, Quality control is our commitment; Innovation is our vocation.