1. The responsible person / company must posses a Safety Dossier (PIF) on each product to be launched.

2. Every product to be launched on the market must be uploaded at European Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP).

3. Cosmetic products must be manufactured following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


4. The list of ingredients (INCI) featuring all raw materials, orderding those higher than 1% concentration from highest to lowest.

5. PAO symbol (Period after opening).

6. Lot number.

7. The name of the company responsible of selling the product.


8. There should be no carton boxes or wooden pallets in any room of the production area.

9. The production area must not have access to normal atmospheric air and, of course, no outdoors access.

10. Toilets and sinks are not allowed in the production area.

11. The weighing, manufacturing and packaging rooms must be separated, allowing personnel to pass between them only through aisles and SAS (Security Air Systems) cabins.

12. The physico-chemical and microbiological control laboratory shall be in different rooms.

13. It is necessary to add measures to prevent the entry of dirt to the production areas incorporated by the footwear.

14. Cross-contamination (flow between people, raw materials and finished product) in production and storage areas shall be avoided.

A) Comply with the UNE-EN ISO 22716: 2008 standard is the guarantee that a laboratory follows the Good Manufacturing Practices required by Regulation 1223/2009. However, we wanted to go one step further to create a patented safety protocol, SAFE 22716, which adds cosmeto-surveillance measures that far exceed the European standard.

B) We have a regulatory advisory service so that our customers can not only ensure that the new products comply with European Regulation 1223/2009, but also verify in which situation their existing products are.

Cosmetic brands of any size needing high quality products with the security of complying with the current regulation.

Cosmetic laboratories that are not ready to implant it or have not been able to undertake the investment needed.


At OEM SPAIN (Division of Laboratorio Español de Investigación Cosmetológica) we adapt ourselves to every brand’s needs to offer them OEM Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturing. Large or small, traditional or startup, our target is to be able to supply them products with their own Brand exactly as they wish, with the best quality and Price.

Above, everything, each and everyone of our services stands with compromise to UNE EN ISO 22716:2008 of Good Manufacturing practices through our exclusive SAFE 22716 protocol.

OEM SPAIN, Quality control is our commitment; Innovation is our vocation.