Perfect Eye Ritual

If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, their importance has become even higher from 2020 due to the pandemic that has forced everyone to wear a medical mask that hides lips and face.

The pass of the time, the environmental stress, even depression feelings can be very noticeable in the eye area through small wrinkles under the lower eyelid, eyebags, dark circles, etc.

It is of vital importance to treat the whole eye area before surgery becomes the only solution.

PERFECT EYE RITUAL is a line of vegan products with natural ingredients configured in a protocol that takes care of the skin of eye contour as well as eyelashes and eyebrows.



At OEM SPAIN (Division of Laboratorio Español de Investigación Cosmetológica) we adapt ourselves to every brand’s needs to offer them OEM Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturing. Large or small, traditional or startup, our target is to be able to supply them products with their own Brand exactly as they wish, with the best quality and Price.

Above, everything, each and everyone of our services stands with compromise to UNE EN ISO 22716:2008 of Good Manufacturing practices through our exclusive SAFE 22716 protocol.

OEM SPAIN, Quality control is our commitment; Innovation is our vocation.